Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Time to Count The Underwears!

Tomorrow I head to Disney World for Princess Weekend. There’s a 5K, a 10K, and a half marathon – none of which I am certain that I will do. With this lovely infection and the resulting antibiotic, we’ll just see how things go. Meanwhile I have to pack, which means figuring out what to pack. I know what will happen –I will just start flinging things into the suitcase, hoping something makes sense when I unpack at Disney.

But back to Princess Weekend. Here is the list of characters:

     Group 1 – Luanne’s group: Luanne, KB, Molly, and Katie

     Group 2 – Pam’s group: Pam, Bethany (Pam’s daughter), Haley and Ainsley (sisters who are  Bethany’s friends and Pam’s honorary daughters

     Group 3 – Laura’s group: Laura, Emily (Laura’s daughter), and Chelsea (Laura’s daughter in law)

Naturally, everyone is arriving on different days and at different times. Some are coming from Alabama, some from Georgia, some from Tennessee, some from Virginia, and some from North Carolina. Some are single, some have kids, some are married, some are in school – in other words, there are a lot of differences. But for this weekend, we’re all getting together for one thing – Princess Weekend! Some are doing the 5K, some are doing the 10K, some are doing the half-marathon. And some are doing them all!

Pam and Laura and I were childhood friends (and Laura and I were bridesmaids in Pam’s wedding) who recently rekindled our friendships. We decided to get together with whichever daughters could this weekend to have some fun. And so we shall!

Blessings today include: finishing details for Princess Weekend; visit with PA Jasen to check on infection - things are not worse so the are better

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