Saturday, February 11, 2017

Back On The Road - Sorta Kinda ...

Today was the day for the Donna 10K and 5K. Since my training has been nonexistent to say the least, I was still a bit apprehensive. But I knew I had to at least try, and so I did. And somehow gotterdun.

The 10K started at 8:00am. Steve hadn't entered it, so we drove downtown and he waited for me to finish. While my time wasn't stellar (is it ever?), I did manage to finish. My knees? Well, let's just say they made it through. By the time I finished, there were about 15 minutes until the 5K started - just enough time for my knees and legs to stiffen up, which led to an even less stellar 5K. But I managed to finish it, too. Steve meanwhile, was registered and finished the 5K, way ahead of me. By the end of the 5K, the temp was in the 70s - a bit warm for me and pretty much wiped me out. As soon as we got back to the hotel, I pretty much dove into bed under the covers. Steve took a quick shower and headed out for golf.

A couple hours later, after a recovery nap and a nice shower and some chocolate milk and Girl Scout Thin Mints, I had recovered enough to head out for some lunch. And yes, it was Metro Diner. Mainly because it was a "quick walk" (maybe for other people, not so much for me) from the hotel. Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting at the table, awaiting my Gram D's Big Fish Sandwich (okay, so it wasn't Uncle Ed's - I knew it was some family member). It was delightful and just right for the day. A leisurely 15 minute amble back returned me to my current favorite place, la bed.

One interesting thing happened at lunch. When the waitress brought the bill, I added a tip to it. As I was getting ready to go, the thought occurred to me that I had overtipped - big time. I looked at the completed bill, and yes I had overtipped. How much? Let's just say more than 20%. I generally am a generous tipper, but even this was over the top. So why did I do it? Even I can do simple math. I thought about it on the walk back (yes, I left the tip as it was) and here's what I know. I wrote down the tip that was in my head. And I truly believe that was the tip that God wanted that person to have. I don't know why - I just know that it was meant to be. Sometimes God uses us to show His love to others. And those times are truly the best times!
Today's blessings include: finishing the 10K and 5K and all the nice folks along the route: having a nice bed to collapse into after a warm, exerting morning; Girl Scout thin mints; Gram's sandwich at the Metro Diner; texting with family and friends; gifts that finally got delivered


Denise in PA said...

I totally agree about the tip...after I ran it around my brain a bit, I'd have decided the same thing and been happy with it. Little (long) November we stayed at Ft. Wilderness Campground cabins (longer story) and one night went to their rustic little bar with fun cocktails, fun food, and a sweetheart of a new bartender (very new, very young). She was all by herself behind the very, very busy bar and never once lost her cool or sounded even a little annoyed. Anyhoo, the couple next to us struck up a conversation and we wound up staying much longer than we intended. Well, I did, hubby ambled on back to the cabin while I stayed for more drinks and conversation with my new best friends. Hubby, being a Scot, drinks Scotch. He learned long ago, being schooled by a Disney bartender, that you should always ask for a double because they can only charge $2 more for the "second" pour. So, an $8 (or $18 in Disney) Scotch would cost $10 for a double, not $16. At the end of the night, I asked for the check and paid it thinking wow, that's pretty high but not really looking real closely, just figuring, oh well, it's vacation. As I'm on my way back to the cabin I realized the bartender charged us DOUBLE for each double scotch - ouch!! I decided she was so crazy busy, and so sweet anyway, I wasn't going to go back and try to sort it out. I normally would as we don't have $$$ to just throw away, but, you know - vacation and all that. I did feel good that she got the extra tip though. And, I think of her and how she handled herself all night often and hope that I can model the same behavior when I'm crazy busy!! (sorry for the novel clogging up your blog o:) o:) o:) )

Luanne said...

Denise, you are another kindred spirit! Having had two daughters who worked in the food service industry while in high school and college, I have a soft spot for those who have to put up with people. And I know how much those tips can mean. And wow about staying in the cabins - we stayed there once - for about 6 hours before requesting a change to Coronado Springs - and they honored it! Gotta love our Disney!!