Thursday, February 16, 2017

Danger Baby

Granted, Emmatha is growing up and learning new tricks. She is 11 months old, and while she is not walking by herself yet, she has no problems getting around. Tonight she and Everley were over visiting, and Emmatha decided to crawl over to her rocking chair. And then crawl up on it. And then stand. LaLa needs a drink now!!

Even though the chair is probably 60+ years old, it is very sturdy.
And it seemed like a good piece to practice one's standing.
Sure, it might slide a bit, but Emmatha had it all under control!

All was fine here. She crawled up by herself for a little sit-down.
Or so I thought ...

And then, what seemed like a split-second later, she was up on the chair.
Standing. And beginning to attempt rocking.
LaLa saved the day. And an expensive ER visit!!
Today's blessings include: Two miles with KB; replacing smoke detectors and toilet flapper; finishing laundry; Emmatha and Everley visit; safe trip to Nashville for John and Anne

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