Sunday, February 12, 2017

Race Day - For Some, Anyway ...

Today was the Donna 26.2 (or 13.1), of which I did neither. It was fully covered on one of the local stations, so I watched some of it. I kinda wished I was in the middle of it, but also knew that it just didn't work out this year. Hopefully next year will be better (and Southwest will return their later afternoon flight).

Anyhow, after packing up our stuff and loading the car, Steve and I decided to go have some breakfast. The actual start of the race is very close to our hotel, but by the time we headed out, everyone was pretty much gone. Of course, our first thought was going to Metro Diner for breakfast. But as we drove up, we noticed many people waiting outside. So we decided to breakfast elsewhere. And after a looky-look on the internet, we discovered that on the weekends, Barbara Jean's (where we had dinner with Kitty) serves breakfast.

We pulled up and saw that while there were several cars in the parking lot, there wasn't a line, so we went inside. Today we decided to eat outside (Barbara Jean's is situated on a causeway) on the deck. It was a little cool, but not too cool to sit outside. We even got to see a couple of boats putter past. We studied the menu and I got the giant biscuit filled with egg and shrimp sausage (a first for me) with cheese grits and Steve ordered eggs with pot roast hash. To say the least, it was delicious. We then were entertained by the foursome that came and sat at the table next to us. An adult couple about our age, their son, and his girlfriend/fiance/wife. The dad wanted to order from the lunch menu, and when the server said that was not going to happen, he seemed to think that he could order it anyway. He was not allowed to. They hem-hawed over their order until I thought their server was going to toss all four of them in the water, but they finally chose their food. And then talked about buying a boat.

We left them with that discussion and headed to the airport. Our flight arrived, we boarded, and soon were home again. It was a great trip. We ate a lot of good food, had a couple of good races, and Steve played some good golf. But it's still nice to be back home!
Blessings today include: watching the race on the television; breakfast at Barbara Jean's and the finicky foursome; safe, smooth flight home

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