Friday, February 24, 2017

Princess 5K!!

Today was the 5K – for just about everybody. Last night I was up all night going to the bathroom every hour. Not Montezuma’s Revenge – just bathroom things. Anyhow, waking up every hour didn’t make me feel so well, so I decided that the 5K would probably not be a good idea. Molly took charge and she, KB, and Katie met Laura, Chelsea, Emily, and Pam at the bus stop. From the looks of it, it appears that they had a good time

They all went to Akershus for breakfast with the princesses (joined by Bethany, Haley, and Ainsley). Afterwards, some stayed at Epcot while KB, Molly, and Katie returned to our room.

Tonight was DVC after party. That means DVC members were getting into the Magic Kingdom for free from 8-10pm. The rest of the crew went – I was still feeling the aftereffects of my night in the john, so I opted out. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the MK was crowded beyond belief, so their night was short-lived.

Anyhoo, it would seem that today was a busy day. And for most, it’s just Day One!!

The 5K people - I think I was back in bed ...

A well deserved breakfast

Now that's a lot of princesses - Belle looks a bit dumstruck ...

Molly, Katie, and KB - and the elbow knock-out!!

The DVC party - And a fraction of the crowd.
Today's blessings include: safe arrivals for everyone (some early this morning); 5K fun; breakfast and Epcot

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