Monday, February 27, 2017

Nine Hours and Nassau

After closing the curtains and trying to close out every possible crack where light could come through, we slept. And slept and slept, finally waking up at 7:00am. By my calculations, that amounted to 9 hours of sleep – possibly the most sleep I’ve gotten in ages. And was it wonderful? Quite! Maybe I should make this a habit …

Anyhow, today we dock in Nassau. I’m sure it’s a great place, but after many cruises that have docked here, it just holds no appeal for me. One of these days I’m going to get over to Atlantis, but not this trip.

We went for breakfast and then to the lounge and sun deck. It was a bit windy, so after a short nap we returned to our room, which was being cleaned. We had picked up the DVD list and spent some time picking out DVDs, then I had a decision to make – the outside hot tub or the whirlpool tub in our room. After careful consideration (having already carefully considered the DVD list), I opted for the in-room. Mainly because I could not have to worry about strangers sitting with me, and I would have to take a bath anyway.

By the time I had finished, Molly had procured the DVDs and popcorn, so we started watching “Thor” and I worked on updating the blog. I know – I’m on a cruise – why aren’t I out on excursion or sitting in the hot tub or lounging by the pool? Well, it’s because on a cruise, everyone has all the opportunities of doing whatever the heck they want to (without having to worry about where to eat) – and I want to watch movies and sleep and eat and blog. And so I am!
Blessings today include: chatting with our host and his Roomba; getting DVDs and watching a few; catching up on blog posts February 21, 22, 23, 24. 25. and 26

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