Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Cats

This is Maggie Cat. Her favorite spot (some of the time) is on my desk by the window. Unless she is behind my monitor or attempting to walk across my keyboard while I am attempting to read my monitor or type on my keyboard. She also likes to hide under the bed during the day so that it looks like my bed has a tumor.

She does not like very many people and is not a social cat like Minnie Cat, who believes anyone who walks in the door is her new BFF and is waiting to pet her.

Both cats like to go outside - sometimes. When Minnie Cat is ready to come back in (which could be in the time it took to put her outside, close the door, and turn around), she will go to a window and claw the screen and meow until you either open the window or go to the door and let her in. Maggie doesn't go out that much, so usually when she wants in, it's when you are going out the door you previously put her out of.

Sometimes at night I toss them both outside. And refuse to let them in until the next morning. I realize some may think that is bad cat-parenting and mean. Well, so are their habits of jumping on my bed and lightly clawing my face (Minnie) or attempting to open my dresser drawers and yank out the corresponding clothes (Maggie). It is also mean when they choose to jump on any surface that is filled with stuff and give no care to knocking it all off. So sometimes they need to seek joy elsewhere - and when they can't find it, they return.

I have probably bought around 947 litter boxes in an attempt to find the perfect one. That is, one that they will (a) do their business in, (b) cover their business up, and (c) be content about having and doing their business in. I am still looking for such a litter box. Recently when I was rearranging my laundry room (where their litter boxes are located), I found several deposits behind my washer/dryer. To say the least, they spent the following night outside.

Anyhow, the reason I even mention them is that I keep thinking that they will be the last cats I will ever co-habitate with. They are getting old, as am I, and while we do have our moments of mutual love and enjoyment, we also believe that the other is very high-maintenance.

So anyway, one night if you happen to see Maggie at your door, do let her in. Apparently she's found joy elsewhere - at your house!
Today's blessings include: an hour with Irina at Massage Envy; cruise planning; answering emails; paying bills; security system fix and nice repairman; Lynnette bringing lunch for MB and me

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