Friday, March 3, 2017


So I had several things I thought I would accomplish today. And as usual, I really didn't accomplish many of them. My neck is still a bit sore, so I did get a hot shower. And I did manage to eat breakfast and lunch, although the Girl Scout Tagalongs that I inhaled shouldn't have been part of the deal. As should have been the candy bar that we got at Princess Weekend that I decided to eat since I had never had that kind before. In other words, I did not eat all that intelligently.

I did manage to catch up on the bills and such and get schooled on how much money I have spent recently. Maybe that's when the candy bar and Tagalongs came into play. Anyway, it's always good to know how much money one has to manage.

This afternoon the chair repair dude came over. I know - chair repair dude? When I purchased our Lazy-Boy den furniture last year (or whenever) I also purchased the warranty. Since it was our first power reclining sofa/sofa/chair set, I wanted to make sure I had back-up. A couple of weekends ago, the chair decided to go all wonky. That means that while it still reclined, about halfway into reclining, it would decide to jerk and bump. So after a week of calls and reciting contract numbers and taking and sending photos, the warranty people decided that my chair was indeed deserving of a service visit. So the chair fixer dude came by and took a look. First he told me that it was good that I accepted this appointment, because he was super busy all this month. Who knew? Apparently the chair-fixing business is in high demand. Anyhow, he puttered around and discovered a plastic thingy had slipped off. That fixed the biggest problem, and probably would have been fine by me. But he kept turning it to go back and forth, and was not happy with what he was hearing. So he kept investigating and discovered that a different plastic thingy was broken. He ordered whatever thingy it was, and said I would be getting a package either of the little plastic thingy or a whole big thingy that he would replace. No wonder he's so busy - he's good!

He left, and I had time to do nothing for awhile before Everley arrived. She's spending the night, so I'm sure we will be having a night filled with Elena and Sofia and whatever else is needed. Emmatha is coming over early in the morning, so tomorrow will be even more fun! Yay for the weekends!
Blessings today include; beautiful day; getting bills paid; chair repair dude and his expertise; changing flights and looking at rooms for June trip

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