Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sea Day

Today is our last day of the cruise. It's a sea day, which basically means we're floating back to Port Canaveral, since it's only like, over there. But the weather is beautiful, so it's a nice day to be on the water.

We started today with brunch at Palo. While most of the menu at Palo on each of the four ships is exactly the same, today peach bellinis were on the free drink menu, so of course, I got my favorite. There were also a few differences in the menu, but as always, chicken parm was on there and was promptly ordered. And consumed. And while Molly and I didn't exactly overeat, we certainly ate plenty and promptly retired to our room for the requisite post-Palo nap.

Palo brunch means you're always full at lunchtime, so we skipped that. Although we also may have been napping at that point anyway. We used the time after nap to pack up our things - tomorrow we actually have to leave our room and go home. We managed to get everything shoved into our suitcases, ready to be put out in the hall later this evening.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the lounge and ended up on the sun deck at sundown. The deck was pretty much deserted, and as slow as we were going, it was a nice way to wind down (from what, I don't know, but it was still very nice). I read until there was no light to read. We said our goodbyes and thanks to Joanne and Glenn, our concierge hosts, since we probably won't see them again and headed to dinner.

Last night, Molly had commented to our head server about how she wished they had strawberry soup. Tonight as we headed to our table, he saw us and told us he had strawberry soup for us - and he did! It was such a sweet surprise, one of the reasons that we cruise Disney. After our soup, we ordered our regular dinner, ate, and then said our thanks to our servers.

We returned to our room and put our bags into the hall for pickup. The best thing? Tonight was my last pill!!  It seems to have worked, since my very angry spot on my abdomen has become docile and almost nonexistent. And since I have been taking the pills completely engulfed in two cartons of yogurt, it seems to have waylaid the havoc the pills were doing to my stomach. Here's hoping the staph that was is no longer, and has completely left the building. The building being my body, that is.

Pretty soon it was time to go to bed.  We turned on whatever movie was on the Marvel channel, Molly configured the sleep timer on the remote control, and soon we were both asleep. It's been a great, albeit short, cruise. Just what we wanted!!
Blessings today include: brunch at Palo and very friendly and chatty server; beautiful day on the sea; getting bags packed; passing out cookies to our hosts and hostesses; strawberry soup for dinner; last pill

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