Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Spring List

So, how many rooms have I cleaned/decluttered?  That would be zero. I did catch up on my latest missing blogs, so that's a win. And today I returned to the lovely Masseuse Irina with no longer a cyst on my neck, which made us both quite happy. There has been no responsible meal planning nor eating. I think I will have to make a grocery run for that to happen. To be honest, last night I bought a can of whipped cream and ate most of it. I can now successfully say that my yearning for canned whipped cream is now over. Possibly forever. So far we're two days into Spring - and my list is rather anemic.

Other signs of spring are ...

  • The sprinkler people came back and cranked up the sprinklers. Well, they tested them and put them on a two week delay. After all, it's Nashville, which means it could snow at any moment.
  • The landscape people came and finally pruned the knockout roses. They pruned them pretty low (I would have cut them closer to the ground), so hopefully this year I can keep them under control.
  • They also cut down the hydrangeas. You know, the ones that always give me fits about blooming and how I did not cut them at all last year and they bloomed. Well, now they are cut back again, so I am not holding out hope that they will bloom. This may be their last year.
  • Today was actually a nice warm morning, which means Minnie Cat went outside to loll about in the sun. For at least five minutes before she started scratching the screen to come back in.
Meanwhile, in NYC, Lynnette, Maribeth, and the girls have running the city. They've been to a museum, to the Disney Store, on a bus tour, and out to eat. They are having a great time seeing all the sights - I'm not sure what's on their agenda tomorrow.

I do have to praise A1 Appliance in Columbus. A few years ago they came to the rescue when GDizzle needed a dryer and Blowes had some kind of cray-crayness going on and couldn't figure out how to sell/deliver a dryer to him. A1 got the dryer to him and hooked up in no time. This weekend, GDizzle's washer gave out, so today I called A1 again, never considering Blowes. They were more than happy to accommodate us, except that the man said they didn't take credit cards over the phone. But that proved to be no problem, because all I had to do was mail them a check. And this afternoon, GDizzle was happy with his new washing machine. Now that's a superb business!

So, tomorrow I shall attempt to attack a few rooms and consider food planning. And maybe get out of the house to wog a bit. Maybe the fresh air will inspire me. At least until the pollen kicks in ...
Blessings today include: complete satisfaction and service from A1 Appliance; 60 minutes of relaxation with Irina; texting with friends; photos from NYC; Steve going out for dinner takeout

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