Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Fun

Today was the day I was going to clean all those rooms that were on my list. Guess what - I didn't quite make it. I did make it to Costco (since I now have a card) and purchased some things that Steve had requested, and a few other things that looked good as I passed by them (isn't that Costco's marketing policy?). I'm sure there are other things that I might have accomplished, but I was too glued to my soap - "As Washington D.C. Turns." It's almost like the days that Baby Jessica fell in the well, and we had to watch nonstop to see if/when she was going to get pulled out. How is the healthcare drama going to end??

Meanwhile in NYC, the little girls and their mothers had another great day. Today they had lunch at the American Girl Store. And maybe purchased a few things. Isn't that the American Girl Cafe's marketing plan? Anyhoo, on to some adorable photos ...

Lindley and the other girls didn't bring their AG dolls,
but apparently you can "borrow" one for lunch.

Emmatha thought "having lunch" at the AG cafe meant
actually gnawing on an American Girl ...

Perfectly sized lunch for a perfectly sized Everley!!
Meanwhile, back in Nashville, Molly and I decided to get our toes did. All in all, we all had a pretty good Thursday!!
Today's blessings include: Costco shopping; photos from NYC; pedis with Molly

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