Thursday, March 9, 2017

Not My Fault. Really.

Today I booked a cruise for September. Let's not discuss how many cruises I will be going on this year. Let's instead place the blame where it lies - with my sister Marilyn. She's celebrating her fifth year of being cancer free, and decided that a cruise would be a good way to celebrate. And as her sister, I agreed to tag along. I know, I deserve sister of the year. So anyhow, to celebrate our future cruise, I thought I would present a few photos of our cruises past (yes, we've gone on a few sister cruises in the past).

This was Lucy's pre-baby cruise.
Because life as she knew it was about to change.
I was there as photographer.
Because I'm that kind of person!

Palo. Need I say more?

Goofy. Our fave. 
And so in September, we shall do the cruise thing again. Aren't sisters great??
Blessings today include: making new cruise ressies; Emmers and Evers time

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