Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today as I was cleaning out the pie safe in the dining room (one of the jobs I was supposed to do last week), I came across several things that I really don't know what to do with. These items are things that were given to me by family members, some a long time ago. Most of the items I have never used - just put them away and kept them simply because they were "gifted" to me.

I took photos of some of them and sent them to my kids. Who promptly assured me that they didn't want these items either. I called my sister because I knew she had similar items, and she assured me that she didn't want them. So now I have to decide exactly what to do with them. Marie Kondo says that if the items doesn't give you joy, you should let it go. And so I shall. But exactly how? Here are a few options ...

1. Have a yard sale. Ewwww. I hate yard sales, and I'm sure that all of these items together would probably only bring in $1.27. Not to mention the mental and emotional toil it would take on me, thinking about how I will be haunted by the spirits of those who gifted these treasures to me in the first place.

2. Gift them to Goodwill. That's probably an excellent option. All that requires is putting stuff in a box and dumping it at Goodwill. And wait for the inevitable newspaper article about how somebody found a valuable item (that was formerly mine) while browsing at the Goodwill, went on Antiques Roadshow, and made a gazillion dollars.

3. Gift them to deserving family members and friends. Because I like shifting the responsibility to others. And possibly gifting them a gazillion dollars, if they go on Antiques Roadshow.

4, Box the stuff up and go to some place that might purchase them. And end up making $2.37. Which isn't that much of a profit over the yard sale. And there's still that gazillion dollars in question.

5. Actually start using the stuff. Nah, that's not going to happen. I have enough stuff that I kinda use that's taking up space, so I don't need more stuff to use.

I'm not sure which course of action I shall take. While cleaning out her mom's house, my friend Karen took photos of things like this so she would always have the memory. Maybe I'll do that. And maybe by tomorrow, I'll still have the memories of things and those who gave them to me - and not the burden of the actual stuff.
Blessings today include: Two ridiculously slow miles in the 'hood; Wal-Marting; Steve grilling for dinner; phone chat with Marilyn

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