Saturday, March 18, 2017

GDizzle Turns 100!!

On March 16, 1917, John Winfred Davidson, Jr., was born. Today we are celebrating his birthday. He actually already has had two parties on his actual birthday, but this is his big community party. Six of his eight children will be there, along with in-laws, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. And of course, many of his friends - I'm not sure the church hall could hold all of them! So today, GDizzle, we say Happy Birthday - and thanks for all that your life has meant these 100 years!

GDizzle and his baby son

Blowing out his candles - I don't think 100 would fit on there!
Blessings today include: meeting all GDizzles friends and enjoying family time at the birthday party; safe travels for those returning home after the party; GDizzle's 100 years of life and influence

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