Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

I actually cleaned (theoretically) a room today. To be specific, I cleaned out/organized it. And which room was it? My bathroom! To be honest, the "cleaning" part still needs to be done, probably with a pressure washer and some heavy-duty cleaner and possible a sand blaster. But I emptied all the drawers and cabinets and got rid of stuff I didn't need/want and then organized it all into little organizer boxes. It's certainly a better system than the "just throw it (whatever it is) into a drawer and hope you can find it when you need it." For instance, the other day I could not find a fingernail clipper anywhere in the bathroom. As it turns out, I have four of them. Hooray!! Now I'm only two rooms behind ...

I also decided to clean off my desk and my desk drawers. In doing so, I found this little brush, so I decided to clean out my keyboard. Yuck!! Not that there was a lot of yuck in between/underneath the keys, but there was a lot of something between/underneath the keys. Giblets and hair (thanks Minnie and Maggie Cats) and microscopic other debris. Sort of scary as to what other kinds of stuff lurks in and about other parts of my house ...

Other than that, I think I did some other stuff, while keeping an eye on the goings-on in Washington. Sometimes I'm wonder if I'm watching a tv drama or the real thing. Unfortunately, it's the real thing. And with the news of the attack in London, it helps me realize the importance of prayer and hope and love in this world, and how to get that across.

The bright spots were when I'd get photos of the girls in NYC. They are having a great time, and Lindley even lost a loose tooth - at Lady Liberty, no less!! Anyhow, hope these photos brighten your day too!!

She doesn't eat sauce with her noodles.
And I'm not sure I would either - with this syringe!!

Does this really need a caption??

Does this count as a NYC/Statue of Liberty souvenir?

All the ladies!!

Blessings today include: cleaning the bathroom and keyboard/desk; photos from NYC; making air travel changes to save $$; dinner at GHG

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