Thursday, March 2, 2017

Home Again!

Alas, today we had to leave our room and the ship. We packed the few things we needed in our backpacks, headed to Cabanas for breakfast, and then headed off the ship. Once we had checked off the ship (via our key cards), we headed to the Donald section of baggage claim. There we found two of our bags - and kept searching for the third. After careful searching, and not finding it, we went in search of DCL workers for their assistance. After asking us if we had checked in the Donald section (well, yes we have), if we had airline checked our bags (nope, we didn't), and if we had put the Donald tags on it (yup, did that), they sent other workers about the room to search for the bag. Eventually it was found - with a temporary orange tag on it, I guess in the temporary orange tag section. It would seem that between our room and the luggage room, the tag disappeared. We were just glad that it was found in the room, and not in someone's home once they got home and realized they had pulled the wrong bag.

With all three bags in tow, we went through customs, assuring the customs lady that no, we did not purchase anything. We waited for the rental car shuttle with a few others and soon were on our way to the rental car place. We eavesdropped (one of our favorite activities) on one of the families as the lady we assumed was the wife/mother explained to the assumed husband/father that she had five weeks of vacation saved up.

Once at the rental car place, Molly went inside to retrieve the car while I sat with the bags. She came out and we went to our rental SUV (they were out of the little car category that Molly had reserved). She also said that the car had 2/8 of a tank of gas - apparently they don't gas up the returned cars. Nor do the really clean them, since the previous driver left a parking pass, a parking receipt, and a McDonald's toy in the car. Oh, and they also left a few annoying gnats. Anyhow, first we had to gas up the car, which took a few minutes since with was a flex fuel car and we needed to google if we could use regular gas or would need to find flex fuel.

Eventually we were ready to head to Tampa. We decided to fly out of Tampa because (a) renting a car was cheaper than two rides on the DCL bus to Orlando, (b) flights out of Tampa were cheaper than flights out of Orlando, (c) the ride to Tampa isn't that much of a longer drive, and (d) we could get an earlier flight out of Tampa that would get us home before we would even leave Orlando. And soon we were in Tampa, turning in the car. Which caused another kerfluffle because the car check-in lady charged Molly to refuel the car, while the car check-out lady clearly indicated on the receipt that we only had to leave the car 2/8 full. So Molly had to wait to talk to the car desk lady to get it all cleared up.

I left Molly at the desk and headed with two bags to check in. Once that was done, I headed to the gate to wait for her. Unfortunately I woke up today with a sore neck. When I get a massage, the part I don't like is when they push the trigger points on my neck. Today I woke up with a bump on one of those trigger points. Of course, my first concern was that the staph infection had migrated there, but after realizing where it was, I figured that was the problem. I have a massage scheduled for Sunday, so hopefully it will get worked out then and there.

Soon it was time to fly home. For the most part, it was smooth, until landing in Nashville, where it got a bit lumpy. But we landed, grabbed our bags which were already on the baggage belt by the time we got there, found the car Sam and Lindley had left, and were soon headed home. Molly had a test in her accounting class tonight, so she stayed at the Doik studying until her class. Maggie and Minnie Cats were glad to have some company, and pretty soon it was time to snuggle in bed.

Now when is that next trip ...
Blessings today include: beautiful day for a drive to Tampa with Molly; nice rental car with just a few issues; Molly fixing the car/gas problem/ safe flight home; unpacking before bed 

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