Friday, March 31, 2017


Last night I cooked cornbread, and some of it ran over the cast iron skillet and onto the bottom of the oven. I really didn't pay attention to it until later when I was heating up something and smelled something burning. I didn't want to burn myself trying to get the burned lump out, so I decided to wait until the oven cooled. And promptly forgot about it until Steve was making cookies and the lump cooked/burned some more.

This time I remembered and once the oven was cooled, I took out the racks and took out the burned lump. Imagine my surprise when I saw the lump had formed/cooked/burned into the shape of a heart.

This is one of those times that I feel like maybe God is trying to tell me/teach me something. Maybe it's something simple like "you need to clean more so you can find interesting things." Maybe it's just a reminder that I am loved. Maybe it's that when you have love and it runs over, you still have love left over. Maybe it's that love will always be love - you can't destroy it. Maybe it's that even though things may seem dark and gloomy, there's always love if you look for it. Maybe it's just to never forget that love is always there in everything.

But maybe it's all of these, and God just wanted me to remember that, but most of all that God loves me always. And for that, I am eternally thankful.
Blessings today include: Furniture shopping with Maribeth and Molly and then lunching at Shoneys; hauling seemingly impossible furniture in Molly's Prius; watching MSU Ladies Basketball Team beat UConn in semi-final game

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