Sunday, December 14, 2014

Best Laid Plans ...

So after last evening's activities, I decided that wogging 13.1 miles would not be in my best interest (every now and then I seem to come up with a grain of sense). I had spent most of the night sleeping/watching television, so I happened to be awake at 5am when I got a text from Molly which read, "I think I've slept maybe 2 hours total tonight."  So in other words, so far we were two for three in terms of skipping the race.

The race didn't start until 8am, so around 6:30 I texted Lynnette to check her status (yes, she and Molly were sharing a room, but in case she was sleeping in, I decided to go to the source). She affirmed that yes, she was headed out. By herself. Luckily she found some fellow runners in the elevator so she at least had some people to walk with. Molly and I amused ourselves in our separate rooms until we decided to attempt to find the finish line and wait for Lynnette. Of course, she made it to the finish before we did. But we did give her a ride back to the hotel so she could shower before we headed back to Nashville.

We got back to our homes in time for Lynnette to make it to the movies with Sam and Lindley (and Maribeth and Everley) to see "Big Hero Six." Molly made it home in time to take down her undecorated Christmas tree (seeing as how time was short, she decided to get rid of the tree and start again next year). I got back in time to do nothing much - my favorite thing.

Anyhow, tomorrow starts the countdown to Doikmas (Christmas time at the Davidsons) on Saturday. Since all I've done in preparation so far is to shove any purchases in my closet, this should be interesting ...
Today is a gift because: much better health; beautiful cold day; seeing all the runners in the race; Lynnette finishing and her medal; lunch at McDs on the road; safe road trip back home

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