Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Past(s)

In order to have a timely Christmas Day blog post (in other words, it's catch up time again), you will be subjected to some photo journalism for the next several days. I know, you can hardly wait ...

Anyhow, today's retrospective is from the 1950s. The years of 1957 and 1958, to be exact (why does that seem so terribly long ago? Oh wait - BECAUSE IT IS SO TERRIBLY LONG AGO!). This first picture is of an adorable child on her first Christmas:

Of course this is apparently before we could afford color film. Or a camera that could focus. Back in the Dark Ages, the person with the camera would take a picture, hope for the best, send the film off to film-processing land in San Antonio, Texas, and wait a month for it to return in the mail. By that time, we were so excited to see the pictures, a little blurriness was no issue. And of course, the adorableness of the subject in the picture overcame any other issues. You can also see that the adorable baby is sporting the latest baby buggy model, complete with rubber baby bumpers (as if my mother would let me out of her sight long enough to bump in to anything).

Anyhow, let's just fast forward to the next Christmas (do you already feel like you're in a modern version of "A Christmas Carol" yet?). As you gaze upon the sweetness of these two little cherubs, you will notice that it would appear that we had the same tree. No Virginia, we did not. However, my father did always go to the same lot for our Christmas tree every year, that lot being somewhere out in a pasture on the farm. I think my brother-in-law called it the Lewis Christmas Tree Bush because that's pretty much what it looked like. The tree smelled great the first few days until somebody stopped watering it. When it came time to undecorate the tree, it was so brittle one needed to wear gloves to undecorate it. Anyhow, on to cuteness ...

We still had the same drapes and blank bookcases (this was before we got the World Book Encyclopedia). I wish I knew what was in those presents - because it would appear that it was the most thrilling moment in my life (up to that point). The next year, I would get a baby brother in November. Wonder if I was equally as thrilled about that ...
Today is a gift because: receiving Christmas cards; early morning shopping before things got busy; packages in the mail

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