Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last Disney Day!!

With our last day upon us, we started with breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, and the gang. Then we headed to Downtown Disney for some shopping ... and unplanned (but thoroughly enjoyed) water play in the sprinkers spouts (my favorite part? When a mom and her two kids quickly passed us and I heard the mom say in no uncertain terms, "NO YOU MAY NOT PLAY IN THE WATER!"). After a change of clothes (which necessitated another shopping trip) and lunch, we returned to the hotel, unfortunately finding that our room had not been cleaned (just as it hadn't the day before). A quick call to Mousekeeping resulted in a trash and towel stop (we didn't want more since it was naptime, and that is greatly valued). Everley quickly fell asleep, but since Lindley had taken a snooze on the bus ride to the hotel, she and I decided to make a round at Epcot. We finished the day with dinner and a final dip in the pool - tomorrow we return home!!

Should we, or shouldn't we ...

We should!  We did!!


Lindley. And Mickey. And Minnie. And Spaceship Earth.
Today is a gift because: breakfast with Stitch; shopping and water play at Downtown Disney; Epcot with Lindley; packing everything to head home

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