Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Twas The Night Before Christmas ...

... and it's very quiet.

LaLa and PawPaw are watching television (and one of them may be watching in bed - not saying who!) The rest of the family are in other homes getting ready for the big day tomorrow.

All the presents that were under the tree have been opened and are in their new homes (perhaps in a Goodwill box somewhere).

We don't have to help Santa get out toys or fill stockings - and tomorrow morning we can sleep as late as we can since there will be no one rushing to see if Santa's been there.

Yes, this is what Christmas Eve is like when you're really a grown-up grownup. It's quiet and peaceful and free of stress and neat and clean.

Yet maybe you feel a twinge of what was, and maybe you miss those days of little feet and anticipation and wonder. Maybe you realize that perhaps the stress and mess wasn't all that bad as it seemed at the time. Maybe you remember those squeals and expressions of delight from those little faces. Maybe you miss all that excitement and chaos craziness.

But then you realize that you don't miss it at all. Not because you don't have it and wish you did, but you don't miss it because you'll always have it. You have it in every memory and every picture. Because these are the gifts that we cherish the most - those Christmases past and those we were blessed to share them with. We remember the fun and the love and the joy. Those are the true Christmas gifts that we will never be without.

So on this Christmas Eve, I hope you get everything you want. But most of all I hope you have everything you'll ever really need - the love of those around you, sent by the One who loves you most.

Merry Christmas Eve!
Today is a gift because: Heavenly Ham store and clerks; ham and turkey dinner with Maribeth, Everley, Mathieu, Molly, and Steve

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