Tuesday, December 2, 2014

St. Thomas

My first thought this morning when I woke up was, “We must have docked, since the boat is no longer rocking.” I looked outside to see that we indeed had not docked – we were making our way into port. But the weather and seas had subsided so much that the seas were super calm and it felt like we had stopped.
St. Thomas - the boat side

St. Thomas - the Christmas side
Katie, Molly, and I decided to get off the ship and walk around a bit. Molly also needed some free internet in order to download some work stuff. We weren’t quite prepared for the warm weather, since it had been cooler the past few days. Nevertheless, we managed to get past the 600 taxi drivers trying to get us in their taxis, and went in search of a coffee house with free internet. We did find one – but after a while, I decided to return to the boat while Katie and Molly stayed a bit longer.

After we all were back on the boat and the obligatory rainforest room nap, we all met up at Palo’s for dinner. We had our same waiter, and promptly ate ourselves silly (we needn’t get into the specifics of what all we might have consumed). Afterwards, there was nothing left to do but return to our respective rooms, put on our pajamas, and get in bed. Molly and I managed to hear the fireworks, and ran out on deck to watch them. After that, it really was time for bed (and no going to the late-night Pirate Buffet!).

See you in Puerto Rico!
Today is a gift because: beautiful, warm day; wandering about in St. Thomas looking for a coffee shop; Christmas decorations in St. Thomas; dinner at Palos with Katie, Nancy, and Molly; our server, Marius; fireworks from our deck

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