Wednesday, December 3, 2014

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We woke up again to a beautiful day – a little cloudy but not raining. Molly and I had an excursion planned for 10:45, so we had breakfast and lazed around some more until we were scheduled to meet. Our group then headed down to the dock where we met up with the Segway dude who led us (he was on a Segway while we walked behind (and behinder) him).

A fountain in San Juan depicting the many cultures that make up Puerto Rico

The Segway Queen
Eventually we ended up at the Segway place where the group was briefed on Segways (more or less) and then we practiced. Soon we were off on our tour! Our tour guide was very well versed on the history of Puerto Rico, and we learned a lot (although how much history I actually retained is questionable). We learned about the walls surrounding the island and toured the fort (while we were there, somebody actually tried to steal a Segway, but our guide had turned them off, so the theif was unsuccessful). After riding around for two hours, our tour was over. Molly and I headed to Starbucks for a drink and more free internet. While the drinks were good, the internet was not, so we decided to return to the ship, where we had a bit of lunch and then watched “Big Hero Six.” My review on the movie? The kids seemed to like it and it had funny parts, but I don’t think Lindley and Everley will be seeing it for a while, since they are not really in to robots and the like.

After the movie, it was rainforest room/nap time before dinner (we eat dinner at 8:15) and then back to the room to call it a night. Tomorrow is another sea day, so here’s hoping for smooth sailing!

Today is a gift because: meeting the family from NC at breakfast; DCL cast member dudes who told jokes while we were waiting; Segway tour, tour guides, and our fellow tourists; passion tea lemonade at Starbucks; movie watching with Molly

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