Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Characters! And A Christmas Parade! And Fireworks!

After saying goodbye to Molly and Steve (who both had to return to work), we began our next adventures. First to Hollywood Studios to have breakfast with the Disney Junior crew, then to Epcot to leave Aunt Judy to shop, then to the hotel for naps, and finally to the MK for the Christmas Party! Whew! What a day!!

Clearly some people have better "photo" expressions than others ...

Everley is grabbing Elsa for Doc McStuffins to check out - which she did!!

Aunt Judy meets another new friend ...

Some people stopped by the face painting station ...

Lindley and Minnie (Everley slept through dinner)

Lindley and The Big Cheese!

Aunt Judy protecting her dinner from someone ...

The start of the Christmas Parade!!

The end of the Christmas Parade!!


The Castle!!
Today is a gift because: breakfast with Disney Junior; Judy successfully returning from Epcot; Mickey's Christmas party at the MK

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