Friday, December 12, 2014

Heading Home

Hard to believe that it's time to head home. It's even harder to believe I've been gone since Thanksgiving. The hardest thing to believe is that Christmas is only two weeks away and I haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm giving people. Oh well, today's mission was to get two adults, four checked suitcases, two strollers, two preschoolers, one mommy, one LaLa, and various other bags and Ipads back to Nashville.

We had to start early because our Disney bus was picking us up at 6:40am to transport us to the airport. I loaded two bags down to guest services for airline checkin and then sat with the sleeping babies while Maribeth loaded the other two. Soon it was time to wake and load the children (in pjs of course) on to the bus, along with the strollers and various bags of preschool entertainment options.

We made it to the airport with several hours to spare. Neither Lindley nor Everley had any intention of changing out of their pjs, so it became an official pajama day. Soon we were in the air and on our way home. A young lady sat next to me who was even less thrilled about flying than I am, so we made perfect seatmates as we carefully monitored our flight on the internet.

Eventually we made it home. Everley and Lindley came home with me to spend the rest of the day rather than go to school. Eventually their parents retrieved them and everyone slept in their own beds. A perfect end to a perfect vacation (or two or three)!!

Airport iPad negotiations

Headed home!! In pajamas!!
Today is a gift because: safe, smooth flight home; listening to Mary Jane's car dilemmas; getting everybody and everything loaded and unloaded; washing all vacation clothes

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