Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Photos - Part 2 - Christmas Sweatshirts - Good Idea or Bad?

Good idea when they're little and adorable. Even if one refuses to wear pants, only leotards. 

Good idea if you spend most of your Christmas budget on really nice sweatshirts.
And go to a really nice photography studio.
Like KMart.

Bad idea if you're old. And wearing $2 festive earrings. And your hair is as fluffy and wide as is your Christmas tree.

Bad idea if you don't specify that the sweatshirts should be Christmas-related.
Unless the MSU Bulldogs are having a great year.
And you need to rub it in to some of your "other SEC school" friends.
Because you don't get this opportunity often ...

Bad idea if you let the minors come up with their own ideas.
Because you will no longer have a wreath on the door, or a runner on the table, or a decorative candle.
But at least it's Christmas related??
Today is a gift because: brunch with KB and Molly and great gifts; Lindley and Everley time

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