Monday, December 15, 2014


So let's just start with the facts - Doikmas is this Saturday. You can figure out how many days I have until then. Supposedly my gift category is "make it." Divide that by the number of people I need to make something for and the hours I have left and multiply it by anything you want to. In other words, CHRISTMAS IS COMING AND I HAVE NO GIFTS FOR ANYBODY!!!

This morning I decided to make a list of people I need to assemble gifts for, and to dig out my closet for the purchases I have shoved in there. After getting them out, wrapping them, and labeling them, I discovered pretty much all the gifts fit in to two categories: (1) for Everley and/or Lindley, and (2) stocking stuffers. So I have no real gifts for anybody. Nor do I have any ideas for make it gifts. As if I had time to make anything anyway.

Anyhow, after some head scratching and soul searching, I headed to Where I found out that I could get stuff and have it delivered in two days because of the membership that Maribeth/Molly signed me up for.

Now we'll see if anybody actually likes the stuff I purchased.  Oh well, there's always the amnesty bin ...
Today is a gift because: getting started on the Christmas list; catching up on the mail

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