Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sea Day

Once again, we are in time travel mode. And I'm sure you know what that means ...

Anyhow, today was a sea day on the cruise (remember that?). Sea day = lazy day. For us that meant the usual (as if a sea day were any different) - sleep, eat, rainforest room.

The highlight (or maybe the lowlight) of the day was playing "Ultimate Disney Trivia" with Nancy and Katie. I knew for sure maybe six of the 25 questions. The rest?  Well, do you know the real name of the character "Boo" from "Monster's Inc"? Yeah, well neither did we. Nor anybody else in the room (by the way, it's "Mary"). On some questions, one of us had a pretty good idea of an answer, but the rest of us overruled that answer in favor of an answer that the rest of us liked, and the original answer was the correct one, which meant we chose the wrong answer. So in the end, we did not win, although had we written down the correct/rejected answer, we would have tied for the win.

Anyhow, after our abysmal loss, we headed to our rooms (be it stateroom or rainforest room) to console ourselves.  Tomorrow is Castaway Cay!!
Today is a gift because: quiet sea day; trivia game and couple who ordered room service next to us

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