Monday, December 8, 2014

Princesses and Roller Coasters!

We started out the morning with breakfast at Akershus in order to dine with the princesses. Of course, it was sprinkling and of course we did not bring ponchos (we have about a dozen Disney ponchos at home), so of course we bought more ...

Anyhow, we hoofed it to the TTC in order to get the Epcot Monorail (since the resort monorails had not begun to run at the time we needed to leave). Of course the Epcot Monorail was running a bit late, but we managed to get to breakfast on time (thank goodness Lynnette had brought two ponchos so we could cover the strollers). Once we had finished our royal dining, we headed to the MK, where Lindley fell in love with the Barnstormer (the little kids roller coaster). We had lunch and headed back to the hotel for naps, then to Hollywood Studios to see the Osbourne Christmas lights (and play in Olaf's snow). It's been a full, rainy, fun day!!

A lot of princesses here!!

Pink and blue princesses!
Blue princesses (technically, the "other" blue princess does not attend this breakfast)


Snow White!

Breakfast! And autograph books!
Our crew - underneath the "World" part

Waiting for Dumbo (or maybe to stay our of the rain)
The benefit of using a poncho for a stroller cover - built in window!!
Osborne Family Lights!!
Playing in Olaf's snow - black lights and iphone photos do not mix!!
Today is a gift because: Akershus breakfast; Lindley's roller coaster fun; lunch at the MK; lights and dinner at HS; Olaf's snow

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