Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Dinner - Then and Now

This was Christmas dinner back in 1977 at my parents' house. There are several things you should notice. First, the holiday tablecloth and napkins (arranged in alternating colors, of course). You might also notice that everyone is dressed nicely and in Christmas colors (if you count white as a Christmas color) - and with their hair brushed. Of course there are candles in candlesticks and the "nice" china and silverware. The food you see is probably just a smattering of what was prepared (not by me). There was probably turkey and ham and several veggies and several salads involving fruits and jello. Off to the side somewhere is a table full of sweets and desserts of every kind imaginable, including the Christmas dessert of 1977 (something my mother picked up from work and/or her friends). And of course, pitchers and pitchers of sweet tea (welcome to the South, y'all). In other words, this was a big fat deal.

Fast forward 37 years and you'll come to my Christmas dinner contribution ...

It's festive because Little Debbie thinks pretty will convince the weak to ignore the 1000+ calories in each bite. And that's about as far as my Christmas dinner contribution goes. As far as dress is concerned, I will probably still be in my red fleece pj pants, if all goes well. And as far as any other similarity between my Christmas dinner and my mother's, well let's just say there will be food and it will be eaten. Thank goodness for Honeybaked Ham!

Sure, I miss the days of going home to a big fancy meal that my mother would put on. But it's not the big fancy meal that mattered - what mattered was being with family at this time of year when love manifests itself in so many wonderful ways.

So this year, whether you are dressed to the nines and have your Christmas dinner table overflowing with food, or if you are on the couch in your jammies eating pizza and watching "It's A Wonderful Life," may your plate be filled with the love of family and friends.

And maybe a Christmas tree cake!
Today is a gift because: catching up on bills and clearing off my desk


Denise in PA said...

I'm loving these Christmas memory photos! And, I have to say, I do alternate my Christmas napkins (but you probably already figured that) LOLOL!

Luanne said...

Denise - I would think alternating Christmas napkins would be a given for you! Probably deciding on which of your myriad of Christmas napkins to use is probably the hard part! ;-)