Saturday, January 16, 2016

10K Day!!

I haven't actually covered this, but we (that would be Molly, Steve, and me) are at Disneyland in order to participate in the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. I had not originally planned to do this race, but then RunDisney came out with the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend to be held in April, and if you do this weekend's races and the Dark Side races, then you get an extra medal. And so of course, I had to do it!!  So that's why I'm here.

Today was the 10K. I'm doing the 10K and the half-marathon tomorrow, because by doing both I get the Rebel Challenge medal (apparently I like medals). Disneyland races are the best because (a) even though they now have several half-marathons, each course is different, and (b) if the race starts at 5:30am, you can basically get out of bed and be out the door at 5am to get to the start, which is much better than getting on the bus at Disney World at 4:15am. So, Molly, Steve, and I get up, walk out the hotel door, and head to the start.

We're all in the same start corral, but of course, Steve will take off and leave us. I'm hoping to keep Molly in sight - at least for the first mile or so. Soon it was our turn to start and off we go!  I manage to keep Molly in sight - by either finding her socks or her bouncing ponytail. Because she decided to take this race slow, I was able to keep her in my sights for the entire race!  And I had enough gas to catch her at the finish! For once!! After getting our 10K medals and our post-race refreshments, we headed back to the room to meet up with Steve (who we actually saw as we were running through Downtown Disney - he was on the sidelines headed back to the hotel). Once we had all sufficiently recovered, we headed to The Original Pancake House - we didn't burn all those calories for nothing!!

Breakfast of Champions!!
Thankful today for: beautiful race day; keeping sight of Molly and finishing together; breakfast at Pancake House; afternoon naps and shopping

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