Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sea Day!

When a tag like this appears
in your stateroom, you know
it's time to leave!!
Today is the last day of our short little cruise. It's been a nice break between races (more about that later), especially for Molly. And although we were hoping for more movies to watch (we watched "The Walk", "Everest", "The Intern", and "Pixels"), we did manage to see a few. From the bed. Which was where we seemed to spend our rest time.

Anyhow, today is another day to laze around, eat Palo brunch, and pack up for tomorrow. Unfortunately, Palo brunch aboard the Dream is never as wonderful as we hope it will be. Why? Well, today we were among the last seatings, and apparently we got the leftovers. In other words, when we went to the buffet area, there were slim pickins'. Oh well, the chicken parm was wonderful - so wonderful we decided to have another serving (which was a mistake). Guess we'll have to go on another cruise to replace this memory with a better one!!

We have a fairly early flight to California, so we will be some of the first off the boat. Time to pack it up!!
Thankful today for: Chicken parm at Palo and chatting with our server; packing up stuff to leave; last dinner onboard

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