Sunday, January 31, 2016

Visit With A Friend

Yeah, this wasn't lunch
at my place ...
By now you know all about my reunion with my childhood buds, Pam, Elizabeth, and Laura. After that memorable week, we all vowed to stay in touch. And we have, via emails, snail mails, phone calls, and whatever other way we have found to stay in touch. While those 30 years went by in a blink, we found we were so blessed to still be friends in the same and different ways, that we all knew we would never let this gift of friendship go again.

All that to say that today I got to spend some time with Elizabeth today. Her mom lives in Nashville, so Elizabeth comes here every so often. But as is the case when visiting your parents when you don't live in the same town, all your time is devoted to those moments you spend with them, and deservedly so. There's really not any time for lolly-gagging about. But today, Elizabeth made some time as she headed back to her home in Indianapolis.

Because she is who she is, and quite a nice and kind friend, she overlooked the fact that my house was in disarray and not quite clean. And she seemed okay with the fact that I did not prepare lunch nor take her out to lunch (perhaps she felt that last fact was probably in her best interest since she had a drive ahead of her and didn't want to deal with possible repercussions from my attempts at cooking). At any rate, since there were no distractions like lunch, we had plenty of time to have some friend time and chats.

The longer I go in this life, the more I realize the beauty of friendship. Old ones, new ones, and all those in between. Friends we can go out to lunch with, or not have lunch at all (and not even realize we might be hungry). Friends we can walk with, and friends we make while walking. Friends to laugh with, cry with, and be absolutely quiet with. In other words, friends are the things that make this life so blessed. And I'm blessed with the best of them!
Thankful today for: a beautiful last day of January; visit with Elizabeth and her safe travel home; Steve's safe travel home from GDizzle's

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