Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Expo and Shopping Day

Today was the day to pick up our race stuff. For the record, Molly is doing the Dopey – 5K, 10K, Half-marathon, and full Marathon. I am doing the 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon. Steve is doing the 10K and Half Marathon. What that means is that we have a lot of race bibs and shirts to collect. We also wanted to look at the new RunDisney shoes – because we are RunDisney nerds like that.

So, we arrived at WWOS to pick up our stuff – along with the other zillion people who are here this weekend for the same reasons. We went here and there and picked up this and that (and yes, some new shoes) and then went to the expo where there were ten gazillion people. We decided to come back later to shop the expo but stop first to have lunch with Katie and Nancy, who are also here for the weekend.

After the madness of the expo, we dropped off Steve to play golf and Molly and I decided to go find the Sparkle Skirts store because they were having a sale (I’m a fan of the skirts, while Molly has never tried one). Needless to say, three hours later, we managed to get out with only three skirts. Each.

We picked up Steve from golf and returned to the expo, where the massive crowds were no longer an issue. We shopped around a bit and headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow is an early call!
Thankful today for: shoe and skirt shopping with Molly; lunch with Steve, Molly, Katie, and Nancy

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