Saturday, January 23, 2016

And It Kept Snowing

So apparently God decided to reward Nashville with a beautiful deep snow, one like we haven't seen in years. After it began yesterday, it just kept snowing. And snowing and snowing. It's really beautiful. Have I gotten out in it? Yes - for one reason only - to measure how deep it is!

Eventually the snow stopped falling. Some people have even ventured out on the roads, I guess in search of bread, milk, and eggs. The street in front of my house looks a little plowed and has small drifts to each side, but it still looks too dangerous for me (and I still have several episodes of my "Downton Abbey" marathon). However, I did get out to drive Steve's tank to Maribeth's house so she could drive to work (she delivers the mail). The roads were indeed terrible, and I had her let me out on the main road so I could walk back home (at 6:30am). The walk was interesting, but not nearly as interesting as it would have been to drive back home on the worse roads! I did get a great shot of the house, though, so I guess the walk was worth it!

Oh well, the weather will be warming up this weekend, and all this beautiful snow will be history. Which will be good, because I am tired of milk and egg sandwiches!!
Thankful today for: safe travel to Maribeth's and her safe travel to work; quiet walk in the snow home; another good snow day

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