Monday, January 4, 2016

Yes, Another Maggie The Cat Story

I have a photo from last year that shows Maggie The Cat sitting in my suitcase as I was preparing to go to Disney World. Today I took the same photo (different suitcase) as I was packing to go to Disney World.

I wonder what she thinks when she sees me packing. I’m sure she associates the suitcase with my being out of town. But what does she think about it? Is she ticked because she will only have Minnie Cat around? Is she concerned because she might run out of food or water, or somebody might not scoop her poop? Is she wondering if I will leave a drawer open enough for her to get in?

Whatever she thinks, I’m just glad that she currently does not express any bad feelings. We once had a cat who did so by urinating in the suitcase. So far, Maggie just sits in there, maybe hoping for a trip somewhere.

Then again, she will also crawl inside a Kroger bag if I leave it on the bed. Maybe Maggie’s not so smart after all …

Thankful today for: getting packed (mostly); paying bills; arranging for shirt delivery at Disney

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