Monday, January 11, 2016

Let's Go On A Cruise!!

Yep, we’re going on a cruise. Well, Molly and I are. It’s sort of a RunDisney cruise (and on the Disney Dream cruise ship, of course) where there’s a 5K on Castaway Cay that’s only for this cruise sailing. It’s called the Castaway Cay 5K Challenge, and to participate in it, you have to have done one of the races during the past weekend. And so we’re going on the cruise and doing it. Because that’s what we do.

So we had to have all our stuff ready to go this morning in order to get packed up and over to Port Canaveral. We managed to get all this accomplished, drive to the port, turn in the rental car, and get Uber-ed to the ship. Once onboard, we got unpacked and took a nap – one of our favorite cruise activities.

This is a relatively short cruise, but a welcome rest for Molly after the weekend. We don’t really have any plans, just to chill out for a few days. Bon Voyage!

Welcome Onboard!!

Molly and her well-deserved celebration!

Home for the next 4 days!

See you on Friday, Port Canaveral!!

Thanks to the K-9 team, we can now sail away safely!!
Thankful today for: nice bellman who helped with our bags; safe drive to port and nice Uber driver; seeing old friends in lounge; meeting our dining team and having our own table; sailing away for a few days

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