Sunday, January 17, 2016

Half Marathon Day!

Somebody looks excited ...
 This morning started like yesterday - up and out the door by 5am, and into our corrals for the 5:30am start. After yesterday's stellar 10K, I wondered how today would go - would my tree trunk legs hold out for 13.1 miles? Would my ankles stage the same revolt as the last Disneyland half-marathon, when at the halfway mark, they turned and I went down to the ground? While I pondered these thoughts, I couldn't ponder for long. Soon it was time, and off we went!!

Again, we were all in the same corral. But I had absolutely no intention of keeping up with Molly today - I figured yesterday was a fluke, anyway. Once our corral took off, I let them head off on their merry ways.

I plodded along, watching as people pass me, and occasionally passing others - all two of them. Eventually the sun came up and I made my way to the finish line. Steve and Molly had already finished together, since Molly wasn't too far behind Steve, and he waited for her at the finish line.  I found them back in the room, and we packed up to go to the airport for our ride home.

The best part of the race? Celebrating at In-N-Out Burger, of course! The only time I get to eat here is when we're at Disneyland, and only then if somebody has a car. This time Steve had a car, and we stopped at one by LAX that has only been opened about a month. And it was worth every delicious bite!!

We checked our bags at the airport (and all three were right at the weight limit) and waited for our flight home. It's been a great Disney park to Disney cruise to Disney park vacation, but I'm ready to get home!!

Thankful today for: finishing the half marathon faster than last week (but it's still slower than molasses); Molly and Steve finishing together; eating at the new In-N-Out Burger; chatting with the sweet I-N-O employee; safe, smooth ride home; Sam picking us up at the airport; sleeping in my own bed

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