Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Tale of Two Sprays

In the winter, my house gets staticky. I don't know if it's because the house is old, or it's not insulted sufficiently, or it's the gas heat. It really doesn't matter - it just gets staticky. The result is that I tend to harbor a lot of static electricity - and I mean a lot. And by that I mean that I can get up from the couch and walk to the door or another person or the cat, and when I touch that object, sparks fly. And not the romantic kind. It's the kind that creates lightening and can power Hoover Dam (at least that's what if feels like to me). It is very irritating. and tends to make me rather touchy (in every sense of the word).

I have used a humidifier to attempt to get more water into the air. Somebody told me to do that once. And sometimes it works. But the most effective thing to do is to spray myself with Static Guard when I have a static situation. I promptly grab the can and spray myself down. Problem solved - at least until the next time.

Well, today was a static day. After electrifying myself several times (I guess it's my own version of shock therapy), I had had enough. I went into the "mechanical closet" where I store the can of Static Guard (because it's the closest storage to the den, where the static is the worse). I grabbed a can and promptly sprayed myself from stem to stern. The only problem was that the Static Guard was not working very effectively (usually I can get instant relief). And then I started sniffing and realized that the smell was not quite right. Could Static Guard go bad?

That is an answer that I shall not find out, at least now. Because when I went to grab the can of Static Guard, I had instead grabbed the can of WD-40 and hosed myself down with it. Which has a smell of its own. That does not go away until you take off the offending clothes and possibly take a shower with strong-smelling soap.

Oh well, I may still emit electrical impulses, but at least I no longer stick and creak ...
Thankful today for: knowing the difference when the spray is not Static Guard; Lindley time

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