Thursday, January 7, 2016

Family 5K Day!

Today is the 5K. Nancy and Katie are doing it with us, and it’s Nancy’s first ever 5K! They are staying at the Yacht Club and met us in the lobby at 5am (yes, we are crazy RunDisney people who get up at crazy-time in the morning to do these races). We all got in the car and headed to the start.

Kate, Nancy, and I were all in the same corral and took off at the same time. Molly was in a corral later than us, but quickly caught up with us somewhere around Germany (basically the course is a loop around World Showcase in Epcot). This was also about the time that we realized that we had not bothered to note where we had parked the car …

We finished, wandered around the parking lot until we did locate the car, dropped Katie and Nancy at their hotel, picked up some breakfast, and headed back to the hotel, where Molly and I decided to catch up on our morning’s sleep.

Of course Steve went to play golf, and after our nap Molly and I decided to have some nachos – a choice we regretted later. The rest of the day went by quietly – after all, tomorrow is another race!

Thankful today for: fun 5K with Molly, Katie, and Nancy; finding the car after the race; breakfast shopping with Molly

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