Friday, January 8, 2016

Minnie's 10K Day

Today was Minnie’s 10K. The race started at 5:30am, so again we met Katie in the lobby (Nancy opted out of the other races), only this morning at 4:30am. Steve was also doing this one and we had planned to take the car, but as we were headed to the parking lot, we saw a race bus, so we caught it instead.

It was beginning to drizzle rain, but we had ponchos, so we were fine – especially when the drizzle turned to rain. We trotted around the Boardwalk (where Molly saw Jessie Elizabeth, my childhood friend Suzanne’s daughter who was giving out doughnuts) and World Showcase to the finish. Steve had long finished and taken the bus back, Molly and Katie had finished and taken a bus back, and finally I took a bus back.

After drying off and cleaning up, Molly and I had lunch with Katie and Nancy at The Brown Derby. Again, the rest of the day went quietly – tomorrow the real stuff begins!

Thankful today for: great day for a 10K; seeing Aisling at the first water stop; catching up with Molly at the resort; lunch with Molly, Katie, and Nancy and meeting Tiny

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