Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Tale of Two Arms

I think this is a medical story ...

Arm #1. This arm went to the medical facility (of sorts, aka the Red Cross). It was looked at by medical (I suppose) personnel. The arm's owner's weight was discussed. The arm was then prepped and poked. A diagnosis (of sorts) was made and then blood was taken and collected. Afterwards, a band-aid was applied, and snacks were had, and the arm went home.

Arm #2. This arm also went to a medical facility (truly, as it was a pediatrician's office). It was looked at my medical (again, truly, as it was a certified physician) personnel. The arm's owner was weighed (Arm #1's owner was very happy that she could discuss weight - which means lie - and not actually get weighed). Arm #2 was pressed and looked at. A diagnosis of strep throat was made after a throat culture and then a prescription was given. Afterwards, some itch cream was applied, and snacks were acquired, and the arm went to LaLa's.

In the exercise world, athletes have upper body days and leg days. For Lindley and me, today was arm day. What did your arm do today?

Thankful today for: Red Cross nurses and the guard who was very apologetic and helpful about the computer delay; snacks at Red Cross; easy withdrawal at Red Cross; Lindley's doctor visit and diagnosis; Lindley time

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