Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Time To Travel!!

Yes friends, it’s time to hit the road again. And to dispel any rumors you might have heard, I am going to Disney World. Well, at least at first. I know, it’s a real shocker – try to deal with it. We’re headed down for the Disney World Marathon Weekend where we’ll wog here and there and get a medal or two.

Steve and I caught the butt-early flight to Orlando and had a lovely flight. Sure, they had to de-ice the plane first, but since there was very little to de-ice, I was fine with it (if it would make the flight any safer or smoother, I’m fine with whatever it takes – washing the plane, repainting the plane, whatevs).

As we were getting close to Orlando, I saw the Magic Kingdom, then we landed, picked up the rental car, and hooray! – the room was ready! We’re staying at Boardwalk, and it’s always great news when
we can move right in. Steve deposited me and our bags at the hotel and went to play golf. I unpacked and went in search of lunch, ending up at the France quick service place in Epcot. I had some sort of turkey sandwich and some sort of chocolate raspberry dessert. Upon returning to the room, I decided it was time for a nap – it had been a busy morning!

Eventually Steve finished golf and returned to the room. We got groceries and a Giordanos pizza and returned to the room. We could see the “Star Wars” fireworks at Hollywood Studios from our
balcony, so that was pretty cool, even though we couldn’t hear the accompanying music. Soon it was time to pick up Molly from the airport and then it was time to go to bed. We have a lot to do the next few days!!

Thankful today for: safe, smooth flight to Orlando; room ready upon arrival; lunch in France; Molly's safe travel to Orlando; fireworks from the balcony

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