Saturday, January 9, 2016

Half Marathon Day!!

Okay, so today was the half marathon. That’s 13.1 miles. Which is fun anyway, and particularly fun if you’re nowhere near as trained as you should be. But does that stop me? Nope!

Anyhow, the morning was a repeat of yesterday, except for the rain, which was nonexistent. Get up, meet in the lobby at 4:30am, catch the bus, get to the start, start the race.

This time we started close to Epcot and headed to the Magic Kingdom, where the castle was all lit up and beautiful in the morning fog. Once you get through Tomorrowland and the castle, you head through Frontierland and out – and head back to Epcot where you do a loop through Future World and to the finish.

Just before Mile 13, some dude grabbed his leg and went to the side of the course and fell down moaning. Somebody asked if he was okay, to which he yelled, “NO!!” Luckily there was a cast member close who went over to him – since I had nothing to offer in the way of help, I kept going.

I made it to the finish, received my medal and headed for the buses. I got back to the hotel and had my obligatory post-race nap before heading back to the Magic Kingdom with Molly in order to meet up with Katie and Nancy for some roast beef mac-n-cheese and loaded potatoes (carbo-loading, people). Nothing much went on the rest of the day – Molly has THE BIG DEAL tomorrow, and I have to pack the supply bag. Time for sleeping!!

Thankful today for: finishing the half-marathon; seeing Donald at the finish and getting a photo; lunch at the MK with Katie and Nancy

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