Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And We Made It!!

I know - you wondered if it would ever happen. You wondered how I would ever catch up. And yet here we are. Pretty much right on target. Well, maybe right on the third target - the first being before the cruise, the second being my birthday, and the third being the first of September.Yes, it's September already. And so I wanted to tell you about something I learned from Lynnette.

One of the things I started on this blog several years ago was listing the good things that happened on that day. It helped me because I figured if I could find just one good thing that happened, then that day wasn't a bad day. Because there was something good in it. And it has helped me to see my days in a positive way.

Well, Lynnette posted on Facebook about an App she uses on her iPhone. I don't know if it works on other kinds of phones, because I just don't. But the App is called Gratitude365 App. Every day you can upload a photo for that day and list things for which you are grateful. At the end of the month you get a collage like this: (totally used without Lynnette's permission)
I downloaded it to my phone and have already put a photo up for today. That's about all I know about the app for now - I don't know if you can print out the finished month or do anything else with it. But I think it's a stellar idea.

Because I think if we truly look for the good in our day, we will find it. Some days it will be harder than others. But if we can find that one bright spot in an otherwise dreary day, then we will always remember that every day can be a good day.
Thankful today for: taking Everley to school; lunch with Lynnette and Maribeth; Lindley and Everley time at Everley's house; Fat Mo's burger for dinner; getting the blog up to date!!

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Marilyn said...

Just caught up on all your posts- the cruise posts are so funny! So glad you all had such a great time and the pictures are THE BEST! Good luck on the 1/2 in DizLand!