Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just 6.2 Miles In The Parks

I have to admit - I haven't always been a fan of Disneyland. I mean, when your only exposure to Disney is the World, then Disneyland seems like small potatoes (case in point - Sleeping Beauty vs Cinderella castles). However, because of the races that we've been doing for the past several years, my views have totally changed.

For one thing, there are no buses that need to be boarded to go places (unless you choose to stay at a non-Disney hotel far away - you can still stay at a non-Disney hotel and walk to the parks). Granted, there are only two parks - but plenty to do in both to get your Disney fill.

The main Disney characters and princesses walk about and take photos/give autographs freely. I guess there are handlers about, but the characters are easily accessible. I'm not sure how long they walk about since I've never stopped long enough to judge a line, but I'm still amazed at how they just wander about, stopping to meet and greet.

There are plenty of places to eat whose main menu does not consist of hamburgers and hot dogs. We keep a list of places we want to sample.

It is the original - and you can't beat that!

In terms of races, there are no 3am buses to board (well, if you're staying close enough to walk). This morning the race started at 5:30am, and we left our hotel at 5am, walked out the back door, and were in our corral by 5:15am.

The shorter races (5K and 10K) are mainly in the parks. Okay, so the parks are next to each other. But still, even though you wind around and about, it's fun to run mainly in the parks and behind the scenes.

The longer races (half-marathons) have slightly different courses. This is an important thing if you do the same races every year. Currently there are four half-marathons at Disneyland and each course is a little different.

Crowd support and course entertainment is amazing. Maybe it's because of the large pool of talent locally, but there are high school bands, many groups of cheerleaders, miles of antique and cool cars and their owners, many different cultural dance groups, and groups of cosplayers.

So the only problem I have with Disneyland? The dang 4-5 hour plane ride to get there!! Meanwhile, today in photos ...

So we asked if anybody back home wanted the new Run Disney New Balance shoes.
And they (all of them) said yes.
Now to get them packed.  Too bad we brought clothes out here ...
Finished the 10K!
Post-race brunch.
Burrito had a kick to it, but it was yummy!!

We went back to the expo - trip #418 - luckily we were staying close.
Molly wanted compression socks.
We didn't know Kimmy Gibbler was selling them!
She still looks 16 years old (she's 39).
Post-race nap.
A 10K, hearty brunch, and a Gibbler photo op makes for one tired Molly!!
Thankful today for: finishing the 10K; amputee soldiers who finished the 10K; other woggers I met on the course; cool medal; brunch at Steakhouse 55; expo fun; packing suitcases

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