Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Humpty Dumpty Remix

So, in keeping with my "let's actually train" scenario, I decided to get out this morning and do a slow two-miles with KB. I couldn't be gone too long, since GDiz is in town, but I figured two miles would be a good recovery walk. And it was - until about the last mile. At that point, I stepped on something (a log, a stick, an acorn, a piece of sand) and my off-balance, non-correcting ankle decided to twist the wrong way. I tumbled to the ground, skinning my knee (no photo - skinned through my britches, although the britches sustained no damage) in the process.

Anyhoo, I sort of writhed on the ground a bit, with KB to the side desperately trying to help (probably deciding whether to call 911 or run to get the car). Eventually, as is the usual case, the pain subsided enough for me to get back on my feet (with KB's assistance) and hobble back to the car.

If this weren't such a common occurrence, I would probably deem it a catastrophe. However, since it has and does happen on occasion (I was not wearing my ankle supports), I pretty much know the routine - rest it and take some Tylenol. This will delay my actual walking training for awhile, but maybe I've learned my lesson - although which lesson it is, I'm not sure. Typical!!
Thankful today for: getting two miles in; KB's help during mishap; MB bringing Whitt's BBQ for dinner

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