Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time To Register!!

This morning at 11am CST, registration opened up for the Star Wars Half Marathon that will be in Disney World in April. If you've never entered one of these before, then the process will seem crazy to you. And it is indeed crazy - but it must be done!

So today at 10:55am CST, I was ready. I had logged into my Active account (for entering races) in case that helped things along. I was logged into my DVC/AP websites, because that's where I would get the link for the early registration for us special people. As you can see, I had two computers with several browsers ready to go. So, as soon as the magic hour hit, I was on it like lightening, and completed my registration. However ...

Molly was on a Southwest plane to Phoenix. Sure, there was internet on the plane, but the internet speed was somewhat lacking (remember dial-up anyone?). It was very important that she get in this race. She and I were messaging back and forth (that form of communication was not as slow). She was unable to get on the registration site, so I said I would register her.

Except when I tried to register her, the site said that the challenge (another story for another day) was "on hold." But you could refresh the page in hopes that the "on hold" would get unheld and you could register. So I spent the next 25 minutes refreshing the pages on two computers every three seconds. And I got Molly registered (actually I'm giving all the credit to God, who can do all things)!

And then I tried for another 30 minutes to get Steve in, to no avail - the early registrations got sold out. Oh well, at least I have two weeks before I get to play this game again during regular race registration!

Thankful today for: two miles with KB; race registration; some wal-mart-ing; seeing photos of MB's grilled cheese day; chatting with Marilyn on the phone

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