Friday, September 11, 2015

Together As One

Today I went for my regular blood donation at the Red Cross. It just happened (or maybe not) to be scheduled on September 11. It seemed to be the appropriate thing to do on this day. Apparently it was the thing to do for a lot of people, as it was pretty busy at RC HQ. As I was waiting in the lobby, one lady came out saying that it was an hour wait to get checked in, then another 30 minutes to get your blood sucked out. Since she was on her lunch hour, she couldn't stick around to finish it. I considered rescheduling my donation for later in the day, but since I really didn't have any plans, I decided to stick around. And it wasn't long until my name was called and I got checked in. I did wait awhile for my blood-giving turn, but was entertained by others who were also waiting.

When I sat down in the blood line, there were four men already waiting for their bloodletting. A lady sat down after me. I waited for the men to get called, and then the tech called for the next person. The lady and I both stood up, and then she told me to go ahead - like she was ahead of me. And so I did. Even though I was really ahead of her. I'm not sure if she thought she was really ahead of me in line, which she wasn't, so I went ahead. She was having fun chatting with the college kid who was giving blood - he told her that he wanted to be a dentist, but he hates shots, so when he's a dentist he will just have his nurse or tech do that part. And he has two other sets of teeth in his jaw, so if he's ever in a car wreck and loses all his teeth, his other sets will just move down.

It was a day to do something positive in honor of a day when we lost so many people. And as we all sat and waited to do our part, it was a day to remember that indeed we are in this together.
Thankful today for: Everley sleepover; Steve and GDiz's safe travel back to Columbus; pizza with MB and Everley; people and techs at Red Cross

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