Thursday, September 3, 2015

Californy, Here We Come!

I managed to get up, get in the car with my stuff, pick up Molly, and get to the airport on time. As much as we like early flights that get us to places early, this early flight is waaaay to early for me. It was a two-flight day, since we wanted to fly into Orange County (closer to DLand). The first flight only had around 50 passengers, so I had a row to myself. We landed in Houston, had time to take a potty break and find our gate, and then board the plane. This time the plane was full - which meant I got my window seat and was joined by two dudes. I watched TV during the long flight (3 hours which when added to the first flight of 2 hours seemed verrrry long). Eventually we made it, got off the plane, got on the Super Shuttle, and made it to our hotel.

One thing about flying west is the variety of land you see on the way. And even though I'm not a contented flyer, I do like looking out the window. And seeing the mountains.

Finally made it to the expo. Where I went to pick up my purse I bought. And I waited in the line for pre-sales for about 30 minutes. Next to the line for non-pre-sales which had no line. But they didn't have my name listed. So I had to get in another line and wait. And they still couldn't find my name but they found some list with my name so I got my purse. And I got my bib and then joined Molly to get the latest Run Disney New Balance shoes. Because that's what we do ...

Molly played the magic wheel and won a box of rice!!! How lucky can you get?? I won an emery board.

The rest of the day we spent shopping and eating. And then going to bed. 4am makes it an early day!!
Thankful today for: getting to airport on time; safe, smooth flights; watching TV on the plane; quick freezing shuttle ride with interesting people; expo with purse issues and getting shoes and lots of people; lunch at Earl's and dinner at the hotel; going to bed early!!